Clinically Integrated Network FAQs

Wellforce’s current Networks are Lowell General Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) and New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA). We believe that by that coming together into a single, new Network we can identify and address gaps in care for patient populations across our region/market. In creating a new Network, we are building on the best of what we are today, while also putting systems and structures in place to succeed into the future. 

Our Network will intentionally focus on three key strategies to close those gaps in care:

  • We are organizing as a strategic population health business enterprise that defines and measures success in population health terms, not volume-based metrics at an institutional level
  • While we will centralize core services and standardize best practice pathways, but Regions will lead strategy and performance management and improvement as close to the point of care as possible
  • We will align to improve performance across episodes of care, with a focus on delivering distinctive patient experiences that are streamlined, coordinated and enable and which extend service into the community and the home.
  • Opportunity for physicians to lead innovation because the Network convenes Regional Councils of outpatient, acute, home health, hospice and other continuum-of-care providers to design and deploy innovations that meet local care needs.
  • Network structure improves margins by streamlining decision-making, reducing administrative costs, and coordinating care to maximize value- and volume-based growth.
  • Attractive option for recruiting physicians because the Network is a physician-led strategic business unit (rather than hospital-department or subsidiary). This important differentiation aligns with what today’s physicians want in a Network focused on successful population health management and value-based care delivery.

We define success as healthier communities and sustainable, successful models for physicians, hospitals, post-acute providers and community-based caregivers to work together to achieve those population health goals.

The new Network will be governed by a competency-based, 12-member Board of Trustees comprising:

  • Eight “Participant” Trustees (physicians in active practice)
    • Five will be primary care or pediatric providers
    • Three will represent specialties
  • A Wellforce Hospital representative
  • An Independent Trustee
  • Two ex officio positions (Wellforce Chief Physician Executive and NewCo Network President)

Five physicians from NEQCA and three from Lowell General PHO will comprise the initial eight Participant Trustees on the NewCo Network Board.

The NewCo Network Board will be the governing body for the Medicare ACO, so one Trustee must be a Medicare beneficiary (“Consumer Advocate Trustee”).

A national search will be initiated. In the event that the Network President is not on-boarded before the Network launches, the Wellforce Chief Physician Executive (Dr. Michael Wagner) will oversee the Network’s start-up and operations, with leadership support from the current management teams at Lowell General PHO and NEQCA.

One of the reasons why Lowell General PHO and NEQCA have emerged as national leaders in population health management and value-based care delivery is because of their talented teams. Collectively, they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will be pivotal to our new Network’s success.  It is probable that some roles or reporting relationships will change in the months ahead, but only in an effort to improve how we work together on behalf of the new Network’s providers and patients. Details about exactly how the new Network will operate on a day-to-day basis are still in development and will be shared as plans take shape.

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